BENT – New functional lifestyle product for many applications

Our brand BENT is derived from the words Berber and Tent. It is flexible, variable, modular, functional and offers many possibilities.The „Modern Nomads“ are a new generation of travelers studying the world, being interested in
cultures and culture, the most beautiful places on all continents, in people and the community.

The „Modern Nomads” love to share experience as well as to exchange and share with each other. All „nomads“ have one thing in common: the desire to relax at the end of the day or just in between and to feel at ease wherever you are in this world.

BENT – The concept

Very simple – it is an isosceles triangle
Modular – connected with a strong zipper
Fixation system – strap system with a grommet and a durable eyelet
Two zipper sliders per piece allow endless construction opportunities
Very durable fabric Polyester 150 D, waterproofed (1500 mm water column)
Sun-protection UV 60 STANDARD 801
The connectable tarp Zip-Canvas is the first but key module of a complete concept for creating space outdoors

The collection of BENT describes a world tour of various regions from which the colours and patterns are generated. BENT starts with the hotspots Caribbean, Orient and New Zealand.

Zip freedom

For the modern nomads of today: Just take your onnectable tarp Zip-Canvas with you and you have all over the world a roof over your head and your own Nomad lounge! Sun and weather protection included. Set up in 1 min. Ready!

Zip hot spots

Immerse yourself with the theme worlds of BENT in distant and mysterious worlds – e.g. in the Orient, the Caribbean or New Zealand. Whether completely real or in your dreams – holiday feeling guaranteed! Your BENT is always there!

Zip friendship

Zip your connectable tarp Zip-Canvas to the Zip-Canvas of your friends or get to know new people through BENT. BENT is robust and totally modular. Be creative and create very own, new rooms with many applications. Easy and everywhere, with whom and for whatever!

Zip connections

You want more? Relax on the comfortable, inflatable and easy-to-attach bolster Zip-XL Lounger or create your own island with the matching and connectable Zip-Carpet. With the BENT Connect Vario System you connect your Zip-Canvas with your camper and you will have a great canopy. You want to go to the beach? Zip off your Zip-Canvas and take it to the beach. So easy!