• Kador with dual beading 5,8 / 7,2 mm
• Pole attachment sleeve tunnel
• 4 Velcro touch fastener
• 2 reinforced eyelets
• SBS branded zipper # 10


The BENT "Universal Campervan Adapter" is the core module and enables the connection of the BENT tarp to all vehicles. The adapter features 3 different attachment options to connect the BENT tarp onto vehicles and caravans
The kador with dual beading 5, 8 / 7, 2 mm designed to feed into most awning rails.
The attachment tunnel with two central openings enables the fixation onto the vehicle by attachment pole or suction cup adapter.
The 4 velcro touch fastener make a quick and easy connection to a vehicle roof bar or other roof constructions
The zipper cover flaps at the Universal Campervan adapter ensures a no water infiltration transition between vehicle and awning.
Ideal for vehicles, campervans, caravans, motorhomes, SUVs and passenger cars
Practical mesh bag with drawstring, small pack size

Dimension: 250 x 15 cm
Connection width: 235 cm
Weight: 450 g
Pack size: 21 x 20 cm

Scope of delivery: 1 Campervan adapter, 1 mesh bag with drawstring


Dark Grey


100 % Polyester 150D
PVC reinforced cover flap


Size: 250 x 15 cm
Connection width: 235 cm
Weight: 450 g
Pack size: 20 x 21 cm




€ 59,95

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