Idee & Konzept

  • BENT - For the modern nomads of today.

    BENT is derived from the words Berber and Tent and is ideal for "modern nomads". They are interested in people and cultures on all continents and love to exchange experiences and share things. They enjoy relaxing in between or at the end of the day, anywhere in the world.

  • BENT - Zip-Canvas core module.

    The base of the tarp “Zip-Canvas” is an isosceles triangle with zippers on all sides. This geometry enables with a few simple steps an endless flexible construction possibility for large shadow areas and weather protection. "Zip-Canvas" is the first and most important module of the BENT concept.

  • BENT - For camping, caravanning, weather protection.

    Ideal for camping, campervans, caravans, at the beach, in the garden, at festivals and while chilling. Versatile set-up possibilities and variable adjustment options in case of weather changes (position of the sun and wind direction).

  • BENT - environmental sustainability.

    BENT is consciously committed to ecological sustainability and avoids the use of environmentally harmful perfluorocarbons (PFC) in water-repellent coatings.

  • BENT Hot Spots

    Discover our stylish Hot Spots Oriental,
    Caribbean, New Zealand and Africa.

    To the Hot Spots
  • Product categories

    Connactable tarps, bolster, carpets, accessories and vehicle connections

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